Banksia Leaf Curved Band Ring

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A beautiful one-of-a-kind resin jewellery piece that expresses the beauty between natures wonder and man's ability to preserve these sensation.

Each floral piece, leaf, moss picking and branch has been carefully hand picked from places such as Stevenson's Falls in the Otway's of Victoria, Australia. Other parts have been gathered from my own flower forest or from friends and families. These pieces have then been dried and sealed before being preserved in epoxy resin, a tough, strong glass-like substance. Small air bubbles are immersed in the resin design to emulate droplets of water and it's natural relationship with the landscape.

Each piece has its own slight variations and differences making each piece completely unique.

Sizes Available in US sizes, Australian sizes and the diameter in mm

- 5 3/8 US, K 1/2 AU, (Diameter 16mm, Circumference 50.27mm)

- 6 1/2 US, N AU, (Diameter 17mm, Circumference 53.2mm)

- 7 3/4 US, P 1/2 AU, (Diameter 18mm, Circumference 56.5mm)

It is to be noted that he resins can become slightly malleable when heated (eg. in the shower, hot body temperature) however it will not break or crack when heated.

Don't know your ring size?

Take off a ring you are wearing and measure from the inner edge of the widest part of the ring. This number in millimetres is the diameter of your ring size.  Refer to the sizes above to see if your ring size is available.

Not wearing a ring? Get a string, a thin strip of paper, dental floss or anything of the like. Wrap it around your finger and make a mark with a pen where it overlaps, Now straighten the material or string and measure it's length. This is the circumference  of your ring size. Refer to the sizes above to see if your ring size is available.

... if your size isn't available, remember that all your fingers are different sizes!

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Handmade with love in Melbourne, Australia