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Unique Personalised Wedding Gifts Ideas Australia [2021]

Unique Personalised Wedding Gifts Ideas Australia [2021]

Published by Lauren O'Meara - Founder of The Fifth Design on 18th Apr 2021

Finding the right wedding gift can be an agonizing process. The closer you are to the person getting married, the more difficult it can be to find a wedding gift that truly conveys the right message. Yes, you can browse through the bride and groom’s wedding registry — but it’s so much better (and more meaningful) to explore  personalised wedding gifts in Australia.

But what are the best personalised wedding gifts? There’s a universe of options to sort through, which makes it tough. And sometimes you’re looking for wedding gifts for couples who have everything already, which makes it even harder. There’s good news, though: We have solutions for anyone looking for unique wedding gifts that hit just the right note.

At The Fifth Design, we offer personalised wedding gifts that are 100% unique — and that are sure to be both appreciated and highly used by the new couple. See below to learn more about our personalised wedding gifts.

Find Unique Wedding Gifts in Our Selection

It’s hard to find unique wedding gifts these days. Almost everything feels a little cliché’d. When you’re looking for a personalised wedding gift for a best friend or someone else extraordinarily close to you, a cliché simply won’t do. At The Fifth Design, you’ll find personalised wedding gifts that are truly memorable, including:

Resin Cheese Boards :

 resin cheese board

We offer a wide range of resin cheese boards, each handmade and 100% unique. These cheese boards can be used for chopping during food preparation or for serving antipasto while the happy couple is entertaining. Any one of our cheese boards can be personalised with the couple’s initials, their wedding date or a special congratulatory message.

Gift Boxes: 

resin gift boxes>

Create a wedding gift box that includes both a resin cheese board plus  matching coasters. Again, all of the products you’ll find at The Fifth Design are handmade with care and fully unique. Add an engraving to the cheese board in your gift box to create a truly meaningful gift that will be treasured by the special people in your life.

Giving our products as unique, personalised wedding gifts will help your gift stand out in a crowd. Our resin cheese boards and the coasters included in  our gift boxes offer a number of benefits to the couple who receives them.

Things to consider before buying a wedding gift


We offer a number of different styles, designs and colors, including blue undertow cheese boards, ocean cheese boards, monochrome cheese boards, crystal geode cheese boards, dusty pink cheese boards and purple cheese boards. This range of color and design options allows you to choose a cheese board that aligns with the bride and groom’s personal style and aesthetic.


As noted above, each of our cheese boards and coasters is made by hand, meaning that each product in our selection is 100% unique. There are few opportunities to give wedding gifts that are truly one of a kind, but that’s what we offer at The Fifth Design.


Your wedding gift will stand the test of time when you choose products from The Fifth Design. Our cheese boards are made of hardwood acacia, which offers unmatched strength and durability in addition to its natural beauty.


The hardwood acacia used to make our cheese boards is fast-growing, which means that acacia is among the most sustainable timber options.


A cheese board and coasters are among the most versatile gifts you can give a new couple. They can be used in day-to-day life for food preparation and surface protection, and they can also be used for food serving and presentation when entertaining.

Whether you’re searching specifically for a wedding gift box or simply for unique and personalised wedding gifts in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and other areas across Australia, find the ideal gift in our selection at The Fifth Design.

The Special Meaning of Personalised Wedding Gifts

Why do so many wedding attendees seek out personalised wedding gifts? Engravings and personalisations add a little something extra to any gift, no matter the occasion. At weddings,  personalised gifts are much more:


Anyone can visit a gift registry and ship a package with a simple click. But personalised wedding gifts show that you put just a little more thought and effort into finding the perfect gift for the new couple.


When you add a personalised message or engraving to a wedding gift, you instantly make the gift unique. Make sure you’re creating something special, something one of a kind, when you choose personalised wedding gifts for a bride and groom.


Personalised wedding gifts are far more memorable than standard, run-of-the-mill gifts. When you add a personalised engraving or message to your gift, the couple is more likely to remember the gift, the giver and the special occasion for years to come.

When you are looking for thoughtful, unique and memorable wedding gift ideas in Australia, browse our selection of resin cheese boards and wedding gift box options to create the perfect token of your love, affection and happiness to give the new couple.

Get Free Shipping With Your Gift or Wedding Gift Box

When you’re ready to get a meaningful wedding gift or to create the perfect wedding gift box, we’re here to help. Enjoy free shipping on all orders within Australia, which makes it that much more affordable to secure personalised wedding gifts in Melbourne, personalised wedding gifts in Brisbane, and personalised wedding gifts in other locations throughout Australia. You can even take advantage of Afterpay to spread the cost over 4 interest-free payments.

Explore our selection to discover the best personalised wedding gift in Australia.

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