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Resin Wood or Plastic Chopping Board: Which is better?

Resin Wood or Plastic Chopping Board: Which is better?

Published by Lauren O'Meara - Founder of The Fifth Design on 18th Feb 2021

Chopping Boards (Cutting boards) may get lost behind other innovations, but it has equally been a blessing for every household ever since “Who knows when?” Since its introduction, it has served the general purpose of making it easier for any individual to cut any raw food or vegetables.

As per Wikipedia, “A  cutting board (or chopping board) is a durable board on which to place material for cutting. The kitchen cutting board is commonly used in preparing food; other types exist for cutting raw materials such as leather or plastic.”

Types of Chopping Boards

Currently, there are many types of chopping boards in the market. You can differentiate a chopping board based on its dimensions and types of materials. Some of the most common chopping boards based upon materials are as follows:

  1. Bamboo Cutting Board
  2. Plastic Cutting Board
  3. Wooden Cutting Board
  4. Marble Cutting Board
  5. Steel Cutting Board
  6. Glass Cutting Board

All cutting boards have their advantages and disadvantages. But, we are not going to cover all boards today. In fact, we are only going to cover only two of the above-mentioned cutting boards, i.e., Wooden Cutting Boards and Plastic Cutting Boards.

Wooden Cutting Boards


Wooden cutting boards are one of the ancient materials used while cutting any foods or vegetables. Throughout history, men and women have commonly used woods for many purposes like shelter, fuel for a fire, etc. So, it was no surprise to see wood being used to prepare foods and vegetables as well.

Resin Wood Cutting Boards

resin wood cutting board

With the advancement of time and technology, resin cutting boards have also seen their fair share of evolution in modern times. Materials like resin have been added to wooden cutting boards to improve their aesthetics along with other factors. This has all been done without compromising the standard food safety practices and protocols.

Advantages of Resin Wooden Cutting Boards

1. Aesthetics: Resin Wooden Cutting boards are usually artistic and provide great satisfaction to the user. You can get customized chopping boards to make your kitchen more appealing to your visitors.

2. Durability: Resin Wooden Boards can last for a very long period if you handle them with great care. It can be an ideal option for commercial kitchens as well.

3. Knife Sharpness: Knife sharpness can be a crucial factor in deciding to buy a chopping board. Generally, resin boards are more knife friendly compared to plastic chopping boards.

4. Waterproof: Resin Wood Cutting Boards are usually waterproof and don’t degrade because of being washed time and again.

Plastic Chopping Boards


Plastic chopping boards have become quite popular in recent times. It can be used to cut any kind of food or vegetables. Some of the advantages of plastic chopping boards are as follows:

1. Lightweight: Plastic Chopping Boards are comparatively more lightweight than wooden cutting boards.

2. Ease of Use: Plastic lightweights are relatively more comfortable to use than wooden cutting boards.

3. Cost-Effective: Plastic Boards are cheaper than wooden cutting boards. Hence, they are getting quite popular in the market.

4. Easily Cleanable: Plastic Chopping boards can be put into the dishwasher for cleaning purposes, unlike wooden boards.

So what to choose? Resin Wood or Plastic Chopping Boards

It’s evident from the above paragraphs that each one has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for a cheap and easy option, you can opt for a plastic chopping board. If you are looking for durability and aesthetics, then definitely you should pick a wooden chopping board.

However, my advice to you would be to buy both chopping boards at different periods and use them both to see what fits you best. If any of your family members have allergies related to wood or plastic, switch to another chopping board type.

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