Resin Cheese Board

Invite something artistic and uniquely beautiful into your home and kitchen when you choose a resin cheese board from The Fifth Design. Each of these handcrafted items is one of a kind, built to last, and made with an emphasis on sustainability.

If you’re searching for resin cheese boards in Australia, we offer attractive, durable products plus fast, free shipping. We proudly serve customers who are looking for a resin cheese board in Perth, a resin cheese board in Melbourne, a resin cheese board in Brisbane, a resin cheese board in Sunshine Coast, or a resin cheese board in other locations throughout the country. 

Each of our wooden cheese board options also makes for an ideal gift when you need something special to give a friend or family member. Explore our selection below to find the perfect resin pour cheese board for you or a loved one.

Style and Unique Beauty

Our resin cheese board options are available in an array of different designs and styles. Many Fifth Design customers fall in love with our blue undertow and ocean resin cheese board options that are evocative of the Pacific, while others prefer the understated elegance of our minimalist, monochrome resin cheese boards. Other styles include crystal geodedusty pink and purple.

You can also select your ideal wooden cheese board based on size and shape. We offer square and round paddleboards ideally suited to serving cheeses and other antipasto while entertaining, as well as small, long and large rectangle resin board options that are equally as suited to presenting food.

Each of our epoxy cheese board options is handcrafted, meaning that each offers a beauty that is 100% unique. The photos that you see associated with each product on this page will give you a sense of the representative styles of our resin cheese boards, though no two of our boards are exactly alike.

Strength and Sustainability

At The Fifth Design, we use only hardwood acacia in an effort to deliver quality, stylish products that are also durable and sustainable. Hardwood acacia is highly sought after because of its strength as well as the attractiveness of the wood itself. But acacia is also a fast-growing wood, meaning that timber harvested for resin cheese boards and similar products is quickly and easily replaced.

Hardwood acacia offers other qualities that make it an obvious choice for constructing resin cheese boards. For example, acacia wood is both antibacterial and water-resistant, and it also offers naturally high levels of organic oils.

To best care for your resin serving board from The Fifth Design, avoid cutting and extended food contact on the resin portion of the board. Hand wash only without soaking (a moist cloth works best), and treat regularly with cooking oil. We strive each day to deliver beautiful, sustainable art in the form of everyday items like resin cheese boards. When you choose to buy or gift one of our products, you’re choosing a product that you can feel good about — and that will last a lifetime.

A Resin Cheese Board for any Occasion

Too often everyday kitchen items are unattractive and easily worn down. Many manufacturers of traditional cheese boards produce them to last only a few years so that customers soon return to buy a replacement.

We do things differently at The Fifth Design. We make uniquely artistic resin cheese boards and similar products that are built to last. These cheese boards can be used for everyday chopping and general food preparation, as well as for food presentation that your friends and guests will remember.

Imagine the next party or small gathering at your home. You want everything in your home to impress, down to the smallest of details. Now picture a beautiful resin serving board covered with salted meats, olives, crackers, spreads, and cheeses of different varieties. The balanced design — part hardwood acacia and part colorful resin — can make the first impression you want as the gathering begins.

A resin cheese board from The Fifth Design also makes for a wonderful gift. If you have a loved one celebrating a wedding, birthday, anniversary or similarly important life event, make it that much more memorable by gifting a resin board that looks amazing while also standing the test of time. We even offer the option to add a personalised message to any resin cheese board you buy.

About The Fifth Design

Passion is the hallmark of everything that we do at The Fifth Design. We are passionate about art and bringing beauty into everyday living. We are passionate about handcrafting items so that all customers receive a truly unique item with each purchase. And we are passionate about sustainability, which drives our choice of production materials like hardwood acacia as well as the way we manage and operate our facilities and overall business.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to the use of solar and otherwise clean energy for production. We operate a completely paper-free office, and we use only recycled paper when printing business cards and other essential materials.

Get Free Shipping When You Order

Enjoy free shipping on all purchases when ordering a resin cheese board in Australia. Also, you can choose to spread your purchase over 4 interest-free payments using Afterpay. Have questions or need expert guidance while browsing our selection? Contact us and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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