What is resin?

Resin is a wonderfully dynamic and beautiful medium that creates a glass-like surface and shine. Resin is a two-part liquid (meaning there are two solutions which need to be mixed together in order for it to take shape and become ‘resin’). Its main properties are its adhesive qualities, its strength and its specific usability. It is very commonly used in artworks and homewares, however, it has a functional role in the structure and engineering of aircraft, cars and boats. Its strength also makes it suitable for flooring and surface protection. 


How does resin wear?

In short, incredibly well! Once resin has sat for 72 hours after being created, it is at its hardest. Resin is much stronger than glass and much more durable, meaning it can withstand normal kitchen activities. Whilst resin is not scratch-free, it is very hardy when it comes to scuff and scratch marks, having a similar robustness to that of silver


How are the products made?

Whilst it is a common misconception that we simply dip our homewares into resin, this is not at all true. Each piece is hand painted, similar to painting on a canvas. We mix our two part resin together, add in our pigments and inks and then we paint each piece. Have a look at our Instagram page to see how we make our pieces.


Can the cheese boards be used for chopping?

Absolutely! We specially select the wood we use so that each piece can be used both in the kitchen as well as for serving. Like all wooden chopping boards, cut marks will be left, however, if this is of concern we suggest simply turning the board over, placing it on a tea towel and chopping on the back!


Is it sustainable?

We only source sustainable supplies (recycled, biodegradable and ethically sourced) and use solar power for all of our production activities. Our shipping is carbon neutral and we use plastic free methods wherever possible. Once resin has been cured it is stable and will not harm the environment. Whilst resin is not biodegradable, it is a medium that is used to preserve and prolong the life of its counterpart. Our wood is locally sourced and made. As well as being the most sustainable wood available to us in Queensland, Australia, camphor laurel is considered a weed and needs to be cut down. Read more here!


Is it handmade?

Yes! We hand paint all of our resin and the wood is handmade locally!


Can I get it gift wrapped? 

Yes absolutely! We do not use wrapping paper on our boards as the oil content in the wood is high and leeches onto the paper, staining it. Instead, we have beautiful ribbons which we tie around the boards. Furthermore, if you have purchased a gift box, the boxes are tied with the same ribbon.


Can you include a gift note?

Absolutely! Simply leave your gift message in the order notes and we will be sure to attach it to the gift for you.


How long will it take to dispatch and ship my order?

All of our products are ready-to-ship and it takes 1-2 business days to dispatch your order. As a general rule, Australian shipping takes between 1-5 business days and international shipment that between 7-15 business days. Contact us if you need a more accurate shipping estimate.


How do I care for my products?

Our resin is very strong, sturdy and doesn’t require much upkeep. The wood that we use should be treated the same as other wood products. Do not soak or put your products in the dishwasher and treat with a food-grade oil when the colour of the wood begins to dull. For more comprehensive instructions, follow this link here to keep your products beautiful!