Gift Box Blue Resin Personalised Cheese Board and Coaster

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We consider our Blue Resin design to be our most thought-provoking. The teal and copper highlights complement the deep blue, and we’ve found that our customers all see and discover different things when they spend time examining their designs. This is the power of abstract art: Everyone creates a unique image in their minds, whether that be the image of a coral reef, a far-off galaxy or something else altogether. The abstract nature of our Blue Resin design ensures that all of our buyers fall in love with their purchase — and that anyone who receives a Blue Resin design as a gift will fall in love with it, too.


Our abstract Blue Resin Gift Box pairs a Chopping Board with a set of matching Coasters. These Gift Boxes are perfect for friends and family members — especially the loved ones in your life who are particularly difficult to buy for. Through the years, these Gift Boxes have become a go-to for anyone looking to commemorate a special occasion with the perfect gift.


We first started offering these Gift Box sets after realizing our customers were purchasing Chopping Boards and Coasters together. It became clear that they were creating their own charcuterie sets, and so we launched Gift Boxes to give them some additional benefits. When you purchase a Blue Resin Gift Box, you enjoy a discount when compared to purchasing the items separately. You also get an attractive, stylish Gift Box packed with wood wool and topped with a magnetic lid. The box itself creates an exciting, anticipatory experience for the gift’s recipient.


Looking to make your Gift Box even more meaningful for its recipient? Consider adding a laser engraved message, design or log to the Chopping Board. Many of our customers choose to add initials, an important date (like an anniversary), a meaningful quote, or another message that is relevant to the relationship. An engraving transforms a simple gift into a keepsake — something to be used and treasured for decades to come. You might choose to add a custom engraving related to any one of the following special moments:


Housewarmings or house closings: You might share a Gift Box with a friend to commemorate a housewarming. Some realtors use our Gift Boxes to commemorate when a house purchase closes. In both cases, adding a custom engraving of the move-in or closing date makes the gift more meaningful.

Weddings: Add the new couple’s initials to a Blue Resin Chopping Board and choose this Gift Box to help mark the couple’s big day.

Anniversaries: A Blue Resin Chopping Board and custom engraving can also help mark a significant anniversary.

Birthdays: With a friend or family member the happiest of birthdays when you give them a Gift Box — complete with custom engraving.


A Blue Resin Gift Box can be used to commemorate almost any special occasion or life event. Add a custom engraving to demonstrate to your friend or family member just how much they mean to you.



Materials: Camphor Laurel, Epoxy Resin, MDF

Dimensions: Chopping Board 400x170x26m, Coasters 8x0.8cm

Handmade the Sunshine Coast, Australia


Key Features

When you choose a Blue Resin Chopping Board from our selection, you’re choosing versatility. Use your Chopping Board for either food preparation or food serving.

Each and every one of the products in our is handmade, which means that you and/or your gift’s recipient are getting a truly unique Chopping Board and Coasters. 

We use a single piece of Camphor Laurel wood to create our Chopping Boards — no glue and no joints. Camphor Laurel is known as one of the most durable woods in the world — as well as one of the most sustainable to harvest.

Each Chopping Board is permanently antibacterial thanks to the natural oils present in the wood. The antibacterial nature of the wood is preserved by our supplier through a special harvesting and production process.

The Blue Resin design is durable, too. We use a type of resin known for its durability and strength, so that the abstract design never deteriorates — even under heavy use.

When you add a personalised engraving to your Chopping Board, you make your Gift Box a powerful token to commemorate a special occasion or life event.


Any questions about our Blue Resin Gift Box or the products included in it? Get in touch with us via our contact form, or learn more about our products on our FAQs page.



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