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Industrial Ocean Resin Coffee Table

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Imagine walking into your lounge room every day and seeing this beautiful epoxy resin art table. The contrasting blues and whites, the depth of the brown within the hardwood, and the stylish steel frame create a beautiful bridge between art and furniture. This handmade resin table is sure to become a piece of art you fall in love with over and over again. Like the popular resin river tables, this ocean resin coffee table raises the bar by expressing both creative uniqueness and the timeless quality of fine art.

This beautifully handcrafted ocean resin table is the epitome of functional art. The skilfully painted resin ocean waves rolling in over the Camphor Laurel hardwood evokes an awe-filled reverence of the ocean. It is reminding the viewer of the power and beauty of nature. We have styled the art piece with industrial black steel legs, bringing it to life and becoming a functional part of your home. We have designed the resin side table using heavy-duty materials to ensure your statement art table is as beautiful as it is practical.

The Fifth Design is a small grassroots brand based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Lauren, the founder, handmakes and designs all resin art and resin homewares, including the Industrial Resin Ocean Art Coffee Tables. This not only means you are supporting local and small business, but it also means that your treasured piece is the only one in existence. Lauren carefully designs and implements vital features of art and practicality to create unique utilitarian pieces that are nearly impossible to replicate.


Materials - Epoxy Resin, Camphor Laurel
Dimensions - 1490 (d) x 60/38 (w) x 44cm (h)
Made in Australia

- Camphor Laurel timber is a robust hardwood that will stand the test of time
- The use of a heavy-duty epoxy resin that is strong and heat resistant means you can use this art table the same way you would a regular coffee table. (Coaster use is recommended)
- Steel that is incredibly strong, durable

- Camphor Laurel has been deemed a weed as it threatens Australia's native tree species, the harvesting of this wood is necessary for our ecosystem to thrive

- The epoxy resin is UV resistant and anti-yellowing to ensure the artwork holds its colour and vibrance
- Sourcing Australian handmade steel that has been skilfully fabricated

- Beautifully handcrafted on the Sunshine Coast in Australia by the founder and maker, Lauren O’Meara
- The organic nature of the resin causes ensures your table is unique, the only one in existence

- This resin side table can be used in your lounge as an everyday coffee table due to its durability
- Can be used as a statement art table due to its eye-catching and beautiful designed ocean aesthetic
- Many of our lovely clients have bought these tables as gifts for loved one's weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and housewarming presents


When making our epoxy resin art tables, we first check that our hardwood bases are durable and aesthetically balanced. We refine these slabs of wood with a sander, making the surface perfectly smooth and level to ensure the final product is of an impeccable standard

Once this is complete, we move onto the resin artwork. After years of working with resin, we have learned how to maneuver and control the fluid medium. It can be an incredibly wild and organic material to work with; however, once you learn its behaviour, you have learned how to create space for the medium to ‘do it’s thing.’ We use only the highest quality resin inks and resin pigments when creating our ocean palette of colours. Over the years, we have discovered and perfected techniques using heat, layering, and dispersion to create ocean resin waves. Once completed, we wait 24 hours for the resin to cure (dry and harden). After this, we repeat the process over the top of the first layer of resin to create depth and multiple waves, which again takes 24 hours to dry.

After this process, we refine the droplets of resin formed on the back of the wood slab. We use our sanding tools to create a beautifully smooth and polished surface. Then we treat our timber with wood oil to give it a beautiful sheen and trap in the natural oils. The final step is to fit the steel legs to the base of the table, and then she is complete!

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