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Resin Cheese Boards

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Here at The Fifth Design, we understand the importance of gift-giving, a traditional and ever-changing past time to commemorate the special moments in our loved one’s life. Whether that is a wedding, anniversary, engagement, the purchasing of a new home or the celebration of a birthday, each of these momentous occasions is preserved in their lives through the gifts their love ones give them. It becomes the keepsake they can hold on to throughout their lifetime that will bring them straight back to the first home they purchased or even the day that they got to marry the love of their lives. We ultimately believe gift-giving rocks!


Before we developed The Fifth Design, we always struggled to find gifts that gave justice to the love we had for our mothers, father, wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, best friends, the list goes on. Because let’s face it, we have so many people in our lives that we love with all of our hearts. But now, their birthday is looming, their housewarming is coming up, and our sister’s wedding is around the corner. We end up frantically searching through shopping centres and online shops to find that extraordinary, personal gift but coming up empty-handed. This incredibly frustrating, and quite frankly, the recurring event left us as artists to start thinking about how we could make the ‘perfect’ gift. So, we combined our passion for art with the practicality of life to create beautifully personalised and customisable gifts. Every item is made by handmade, has a unique resin design and can be personalised with your own special message. What a perfect gift to way to say ‘I love you’!




Above we have a beautiful array of carefully curated resin products that have been designed for a range of gift recipients. We began our collection with the famous and timeless resin ocean art chopping board and coaster set to assimilate the rolling waves crashing on a beach. Our range has since expanded to the trending dusty pink and nude resin serving board which is popular amongst our new home buyers and bridesmaid recipients. Our purple cheese board featuring copper flakes is an all time favourite for mother’s day, and let’s be honest, we all have a friend who is obsessed with purple! Then the genuinely timeless black and white chopping block was created, with more masculine and bold tones this palette is a great option when buying products to work with a modern or industrial home style, as well as being a great gift for father’s day. Our deep blue, copper and teal colour cutting board has proven to be a steady favourite amongst the ‘hard-to-buy-for’ loved ones, it’s no secret that blue is one of the most loved colours. And finally, our newest and boldest addition, the crystal geode coaster and board design! We feel as though be struck gold (or maybe quartz) with this one. Resin is a beautiful medium that can not only look like waves but also look wonderful similar to crystals. We have developed this idea into creating designs that look like beautiful blue, agate gemstones as well as the stunning rose quartz crystal. If you are struggling to find the perfect colour palette for your loved one, feel free to message us, we can work together to bring your idea to life by creating a customised colour palette.


Every design you see here can be engraved with your own personalised message for your loved one. We use a laser engraving machine that burns your message or design directly into the acacia wood chopping board. We have sample engraving designs that you can choose from and we are also open to working with you to create the perfect design, just message us here. If you are getting stuck with what message you would like to be engraved on your board, we have curated a list of our favourites to give you some inspiration, they can be found here.