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Sustainability Promise

Our passion for creating artistic, handmade products for everyday use is only equalled by our passion for sustainability and protecting the environment. At The Fifth Design, we’ve always strived to use sustainable materials and processes to create our products — and we’ve just recently taken the next step toward enhancing the sustainability of our operations.


Starting in 2021, we are using a wood called Camphor Laurel to create all of our chopping boards. This wood grows locally in Queensland, Australia, where The Fifth Design is located. Because Camphor Laurel is considered a weed, it is among the most sustainable woods to harvest. In fact, Camphor Laurel is considered an invasive weed that is ecologically harmful to Queensland’s landscape, so harvesting it creates a net positive impact on the local environment.


We’ve also relocated our warehouse to within a 10-minute drive of where our Camphor Laurel boards are manufactured. We work with a local business, Fab Slabs, they harvest the wood and hand make all of our chopping boards. Camphor Laurel is a hardwood, which means that you can expect long-term durability from our cheese boards and other products — just as you can have peace of mind in the sustainability of how they were made.


When you choose to shop with The Fifth Design, you’re choosing beautiful, unique products that can be used in the home every day. You’re also choosing products that make you feel good about your purchase because of the 3 pillars of our sustainability promise:


  1. Sustainable Harvesting: We choose to use Camphor Laurel because it is among the most sustainable woods to harvest in the world.

  2. Limited Emissions: We operate within minutes of the wood company where our materials are made so that we limit to the greatest extent possible the emissions generated by our business.

  3. Local Support: We support mills and other suppliers and vendors in the area, because we believe in and are passionate about the importance of local businesses.


We have put in place a green energy module where all of our production uses solar, clean energy. We are a paper free office and our business cards, tags, thank you notes and gift boxes are all made with recycled paper. We also use the postage service that are carbon neutral. We reuse as much cardboard and wrapping materials as possible to ensure nothing goes to waste. Our production practices are based on reducing, reusing and recycling everything!


Discover the products that are created through this sustainable approach when you browse through our selection.


The Fifth Design have the goal of becoming completely eco-friendly and sustainable, we are dreaming big. Our range and production will be constantly undergoing change to work towards this vision. So as a lover of The Fifth Design please understand that we will be discontinuing products however remember that it will only be making room for more wholesome, guilt free, handmade goods.


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