Sustainability Promise

Here at The Fifth Design we care just as much about the environment as we do the sharing of beautiful art. In this creative and expansive era it is our duty to be responsible for the impact we are having on our environment. The Fifth Design are proud to say they are apart of the movement towards sustainable business and eco-friendly social culture.

We have put in place a green energy module where most, if not all, of our production uses solar, clean energy. We are a paper free office and our business cards and tags are printed on recycled paper.

The Fifth Design is currently under a large restructure, where we are removing products that are not sustainable and replacing them with eco-friendly supplies. Our handmade acacia cutting and serving boards are made of FSC mix certified timber. We only use acacia as it is regarded as a sustainable timber due to it fast growth rates. 

The Fifth Design uses the postage service that are carbon neutral. We reuse as much cardboard and wrapping materials as possible to ensure nothing goes to waste. Our production practices are based on reducing, reusing and recycling everything!

Furthermore, our products are built to last, we use the best quality material to ensure, that when looked after correctly, the items wear beautifully. This is the heart of small business, instead of designing our products with planned obsolescence (this is where products are built to break and/or become unfashionable, like most of our big supply companies) we hand make, design and market our line to be a timeless and a forever fashionable addition to anyone's home.

The Fifth Design have the goal of becoming completely eco-friendly and sustainable, we are dreaming big. Our range and production will be constantly undergoing change to work towards this vision. So as a lover of The Fifth Design please understand that we will be discontinuing products however remember that it will only be making room for more wholesome, guilt free, handmade goods.


The Fifth Design

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