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​How To Choose The Perfect Gift That Anyone Would Love

​How To Choose The Perfect Gift That Anyone Would Love

Published by Lauren O'Meara - Founder of The Fifth Design on 24th May 2021

It’s easy to get trapped in a cycle of giving generic presents or gifts that may sparkle and shine on the outside but have no use. Perfect gifts do exist if you put in a little effort and take the time to research the likes and dislikes of the receiver. With this guide, we will help you choose a gift anyone would love.

There are different factors to consider before hunting for the perfect gift. Gift-giving can be a minefield, and we've all been blown up a few times. It's okay. Mistakes happen and we can’t get it right all the time. But if you keep reading and know what experts in the industry say about purchasing the absolute perfect gift, you’ll be better prepared to avoid any missteps.

Step 1: Key Questions to Ask Yourself First

What do I want to say to this person?

A gift is a great way to communicate with unspoken words. You can use this opportunity to show your genuine interest in the person and say how much you care about them. Gifting is not only about the exchange of a physical item. If you want, you can take it to the next level and strengthen your bond with the recipient by purchasing something unique. Here are 9 tips offered by HuffPost that guarantee to help you find the perfect gift.

Then we come to the next question.

What can I give them that will communicate my message?

It depends on what you want to say and who the receiver is. Do you want to make the experience intimate and low key or do you want to go extravagant?

Keep reading to find out how to buy the perfect gift for a loved one, no matter what kind of statement you want to make.

Is this a special event?

Events like an anniversary, birthday, theme, milestone, wedding, etc., will help you a lot when it comes to narrowing down a relevant gift. Don’t buy the first thing you come across. Special occasions require special gifts.

A little consideration will tie stronger threads with the recipient. There is power behind a gift. You can choose to make the recipient laugh, relive a special life-event, or think of a fond memory every time they look at the gift.

Is there anything specific between the two of you that has special meaning?

If there is something that is meaningful to both of you or if you both like something, you can use that to make a wonderful present. In this way, a part of you will always be in the gift.

Do remember, the gift is for the receiver, not you, therefore choose wisely.

Try to remain subtle and remember why you want to give the present in the first place to maintain the pure essence of gifting.

Decide the budget

Fixing the budget will narrow down the choices. There is nothing wrong with having a budget for gifts. You will be on one lane, and the unlimited options out there will not overwhelm you. A budget will make the entire process of finding the gift manageable and fun.

Step 2: Find Out About the Interest of the Recipient

From their favourite colour to their personality and interests, there are many things that you need to figure out and learn about the receiver before hunting for the perfect gift.

Think about their style

Are they flashy, elegant, girly, traditional, eccentric, quirky? What do they lean towards usually when it comes to fashion or appearance? Is their home practical or decorative?

Giving a gift that aligns with the style of the receiver and can be part of their daily life shows how much attention and thought you have put into getting the gift. This makes it all the more special for the receiver and often means they will appreciate the gift more and treasure it for longer.

Analyze what the receiver tends to buy and what defines them. Either the receiver is into classic pieces or trendy ones. Likewise, look out for their go-to colour pallet and prints.

Think about their circumstances

Perhaps they have just moved into a new office or home. They might be considering decorations, kitchenware, or office supplies to buy. Gifting things that they need at the moment will make them appreciate your thoughts more than anything. You can give them pamper products or choose from our fancy line of trays and coasters.

Find out if the recipient has a hobby or particular interest

For instance, if the receiver likes cooking or making jewellery, you can buy them related books or tools. If they are into games, buy them a new remote control or top up their account. Likewise, you can buy them a basket full of gardening supplies like gloves, hand cream, flower seeds, secateurs, and a book about plants if they are into gardening. The same goes for painting or any other hobby.

Knowing about the likes of the receiver will keep your attention on them and not yourself. In the end, it's all about them. If you are not aware of their likes, then ask them casually.

What do they dislike?

While figuring out the likes of the friend or family member you are buying for, we generally miss out on their dislikes. It's just as important to know what the person dislikes as what they like.

For example, he/she might love a particular genre in music and hate another specific genre. If you are going out to buy him/her a record and couldn't find anything in the genre they loved, at least you know what they hate. You can stay on the safe side and give them something new to try.

Any allergies/phobias/health issues

If you are close with the receiver, you may already know their allergies or health issues. Take these things into consideration while buying the gift. You don't want to trigger their difficulties. If you are not close with the receiver, you can ask them or any mutual friends/family.

Step 3: How to Pick a Gift

Solve the problem

You can solve minor, unseen problems for the recipient with a gift. You can fix their squeaky doors, broken lights, leaking sinks, buy them black-out blinds, or sharpen their kitchen knives. Similarly, throw them a party or get them a physical therapist if they complain about pain. You can also give them gift cards for home-delivered meals or laundry.

See what is missing in their home and solve that problem. We usually miss out on these things when buying a gift. Of course, it might not seem like something big, but it will surely make the receiver’s life easier, and they will be incredibly grateful for your thoughtfulness.

Remember, gifting is all about happiness, and happiness comes from removing negatives.

Points to note:

  • fix annoyances
  • remove boredom
  • prevent pain
  • outsource chores

Don’t give them more problems

Gift cards are not an ideal present option. They require decision making on the part of the receiver. Giving someone a gift card can feel like passing a problem or burdening on to the receiver, since they have to use the card to make a purchase decision. Giving cash is a much better option if you can’t find a more personal gift.

Likewise, if you are thinking of booking them a massage or cooking lesson, better schedule that date for them. Leaving the date up to the receiver will keep the gift card in their wallet for months.

Points to note:

  • don’t buy gift cards
  • don’t gift experiences without a date attached

Give practical clothes, not flashy ones

Choose classic pieces over trendy ones if you are going to buy clothes as a gift. You can buy a practical present that will last longer than a flashy one that has no use.

Don't become blinded by the bedazzlement and glory of being a great gifter. Humility gives the best gifts.

Points to note:

  • choose classic pieces over trendy ones
  • go for the long run rather than single-use pieces

Don’t overlook the obvious

If the recipient says what they want, give that to them. The urge to prove you know better can easily get you off track. Try not to outsmart the receiver because they know themselves better than anyone.

As per these surprising studies, the most thoughtful gifts are the ones that are asked for.

Points to note:

  • give them what they want

Do This When They Say, “I Have Everything I Need”

Not everyone can easily say what they need because of their personality or humbleness. However, it doesn't imply you have to go the extra mile for the present. Put some thought into it and be generous.

Points to note:

  • take extra care while asking what they need
  • look for an opportunity to fulfill a need and be generous

Capture the Moment

The most sentimental gift can be relishing the happy moments with friends and family after the celebration has ended. Capture the party or vacation. Make it into a short movie or photo album that the giftee can enjoy over and over. Read this Business Insider’s 41 Sentimental Gift Ideas for more touching gift ideas.

Points to note:

  • capture as many moments as you can of the “big day”
  • make a photo album or short movie to enjoy later

Personalise the Gift

People go overboard when it comes to personalising gifts. You don't have to put your face or the giftee's face on all the gifts. Instead, use initials or a date to mark it. You can make gift bags/boxes with their favourite snacks, candies, drinks, skincare, socks, candles, etc. Or check out our beautiful resin gift box that you could fill with pamper items or a piece of jewelry. .

Points to note:

  • don't put faces or names all over the gift
  • build a gift box with all their favorite things

Put the “Present” in Presentation

Wrapping the gift neatly is as essential as buying the right gift. It makes or breaks the experience. Add a small handwritten note or simply write a letter to truly make it special and show how much you care about the recipient.

Points to note:

  • wrap cleanly
  • add a personal touch like a note/letter

The perfect gift demands effort. You may have to do a little research or ask others to get a better idea of what to buy. Sometimes it takes months or even a year of waiting to celebrate that one special day and finally give your thoughtful gift.

Keep notes on your phone about the things your loved ones say they like or want, and don't rely on memory. It may be a year before you need ideas for that special gift. The best gift is all about your interest in the receiver, so be sure to listen closely.

Don't forget, it's about them and not you.

This one phrase will keep you on track while looking for the perfect gift. Follow our guidelines and you will undoubtedly find the perfect gift.

Feel free to book a one-on-one consultation with one of our team members to learn more about our gift selection.

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