Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas in Australia [2021]

Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas in Australia [2021]

Published by Lauren O'Meara - Founder of The Fifth Design on 29th Jan 2021

We love our mums, right? For that reason, finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is always a challenge. You want something unique that conveys just how much your mother means to you — but finding the right item isn’t always simple. At The Fifth Design, we’re here to make this challenge a little bit easier this year by offering a list of the best Mother’s Day Gifts in Australia for 2021.

There’s something for everyone — different items, different styles, various price points. What would put a smile on your mum’s face this Mother’s Day? See below for a range of options, plus general tips on what to look for on this special, once-a-year occasion.

What to Look for in a Mother’s Day Gift

It’s easy to follow the crowd when looking for online  Mother’s Day gifts. That’s especially true in 2021 when so many of us have been stuck at home for months on end. We’re all searching the same things and finding the same cliché’d gift ideas for mom. But you want to stand out from the crowd this Mother’s Day, right? To do so, you should look for a gift that is:

Thoughtful: When you choose the same old gift from the department store, your mom will smile and be appreciative. But it’s when you think outside the box and seek out uncommon gift options that your thoughtfulness will really shine through.

Unique: How do you find an option that’s truly unique? Look for handmade gifts for Mother’s Day in Australia — items that have been built, constructed or otherwise created with care and a personal touch. Or seek out personalised Mother’s Day gifts in Australia — products that can include a special message from you to mom.

Memorable: When you find the perfect gift for your mother, it will be one that is 100% memorable — something that evokes memories of May 2021 whenever the gift is seen or used.

Useful: This last item is really important — look for useful gifts for mom this Mother’s Day. It’s possible to find a gift that your mum will love and be able to put to work on a regular basis — when you know where to look.

At The Fifth Design, our products are a natural fit when you’re searching for unique Mother’s Day gifts in Australia that are also thoughtful, memorable and useful. As you start your search for the perfect Mother’s Day idea, consider the 5 meaningful gifts for mom listed below.

1. Cutting Boards

resin chopping board for mothers day

There’s nothing that says kitchen appliances, utensils and other tools need to be bland. This Mother’s Day, consider gifting your mum a cutting board that can be used for both chopping and food presentation.

At The Fifth Design, we offer a wide range of gorgeous acacia resin cheese boards that make ideal gifts for mum or anyone else close to you. All chopping boards in our selection are made by hand, ensuring that each is 100% unique. Our cutting boards are also designed with both strength and sustainability in mind. Hardwood acacia ensures that our chopping boards offer durability that will stand the test of time, and acacia is also a fast-growing wood — ensuring that the material used can be replenished.

Mothers also love the versatility of a high-quality chopping board. As noted above, durable chopping boards can be used regularly during the food preparation process, and they can also be used to serve charcuterie and other appetizers. As an added benefit, you can choose to personalize any board you select through The Fifth Design, allowing you to add a monogram or a special message of love this Mother’s Day.

2. Coasters

ocean resin art coasters for mothers day

Coasters are undoubtedly helpful to have around when entertaining, but they often serve double duty as décor atop coffee tables, side tables and other surfaces. If you’re going to have coasters set out for guests to use, you might as well ensure that they are stylish and attractive.

At The Fifth Design, we offer an array of different coaster options , including:

●Crystal blue resin geode coasters

●Crystal pink resin rose quartz geode coasters

●Dusty pink coasters

●Monochrome black and white resin coasters

●Ocean resin art coasters

●Purple resin coasters

●Undertow blue coasters

When you’re searching for unique gifts for mom this Mother’s Day, keep in mind that all coasters in our collection are handmade and 100% unique. When you choose coasters from The Fifth Design, you’re choosing products that have no duplicate. And, like our chopping boards, our coasters are designed and created with an emphasis on durability, sustainability and beauty.

We offer a wide range of different styles so that there’s something for everyone in our collection. You know and love your mother — and there’s no doubt you can find a set of coasters that matches her sense of style while browsing through our selection.

3. Bowls

resin bowls

Bowls are another kitchen staple that can double as décor. At The Fifth Design, we offer bowls of varying designs and sizes. In our selection of bowls you’ll find small ring dishes made of blue and white resin, as well as medium and large monochrome resin bowls.

Our ring dishes are particularly popular as they deliver on all of the characteristics that sons and daughters look for in a Mother’s Day gift: thoughtfulness, memorability, uniqueness and usefulness. Mothers often set rings next to the sink on a paper towel or directly onto the counter. This naturally puts rings at risk of falling down the drain or inadvertently getting tossed out with the rubbish.

A ring dish prevents these accidents from happening. And, just like with chopping boards and coasters, if you’re seeking out a useful item like a ring dish, you may as well find one that reflects your mother’s sense of style and beauty. Find the right ring dish, and you’ll have an item that is equally as beautiful as it is helpful to have around the house.

4. Trays

resin tray

Serving trays are an oft-overlooked product to have around the house. They can be used when making breakfast in bed for a loved one, for serving appetizers to guests, and even as a coffee table or ottoman centerpiece, holding scented candles, magazines and other items.

In our selection you’ll find several different tray options , including folding trays that are ideal for breakfast in bed or for serving food during picnics. You’ll also find flat trays that are more suited to serving appetizers or sitting atop tables and other surfaces as centerpieces.

No matter the type of tray you’re looking for, you’ll discover unique beauty in our selection. Many of our trays are created with a blue resin that is evocative of the ocean and waves crashing along the shore. As with all products by The Fifth Design, these trays are made by hand so that each one delivers a fully unique appearance.

5. Gift Boxes

resin gift boxes for mothers day

Can’t choose just a single item for Mother’s Day gifts in Australia for 2021? We’ve created gift box sets that allow you to combine chopping boards with coasters, all packaged attractively to make this special occasion particularly meaningful and memorable for your mum.

When you browse our gift box selection , you’ll find various options that include different types of chopping boards and coasters. Pairing a resin cheese board with matching coasters can make your mother’s next gathering that much more stylish and unforgettable.

Don’t Forget the Personalisation

When you truly want to make a gift memorable, personalisation is one of the best ways to accomplish that goal. Any of our designs can be engraved with a personalised message or monogram for your mother.

What types of messages are best? Our customers choose to engrave a wide variety of personalisations on their gifts including:

Dates (“Happy Mother’s Day 2021”, for example.)

●  Initials (A monogram always works well.)

To-From (A message that says “To Mom” and “From [insert your name]” is a popular option.)

Heartfelt Messages (Something like: “For always being there and support me, Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom.”)

Children around the world often struggle to find unique personalised gifts for special occasions like Mother’s Day. Years later, when looking back on these special occasions, it’s hard to remember what you gifted your mother. Choosing a personalised gift alleviates that issue, etching in your family’s history the moment when you honoured your mum. At The Fifth Design, we combine personalisation with usefulness so that your Mother’s Day gift can be both remembered and appreciated.

We offer a number of different gift options that can be personalised so that there’s always something your mom will love. Make sure this special occasion is one for the record books when you choose personalised Mother’s Day gifts from The Fifth Design — gifts that are sure to be durable, stylish, unique and memorable.

Free Shipping on All Australian Orders

We’re committed to make ordering easy when you choose Mother’s Day gifts from The Fifth Design. Enjoy free shipping on all orders within Australia, and you can also choose to use AfterPay to break your payment up into 4 easy installments. Are you ready to search for gifts for mum — unique gifts for Mother’s Day that will make this occasion special? Start shopping now!

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