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10 Reasons Why Resin Art Makes The Perfect Gift

10 Reasons Why Resin Art Makes The Perfect Gift

Published by Lauren O'Meara - Founder of The Fifth Design on 12th Apr 2021

Art has always been one of the best ways to show gratitude. This is especially true when  gifting resin art to a loved one. Thanks to resin arts’ versatility, there are plenty of options out there to suit any taste or preference.

Is art a good gift?

Gone are the days when art was only for decoration. Resin art can be found in everyday things from gorgeous coasters and tables to charcuterie boards, cutting boards, and much more. When it comes to gift-giving, it is said, "It's the thought that counts. “Resin art ensures the thoughts are well counted and appreciated.

If you would like to learn more about resins beyond what we cover here, please  visit this blog.

Finding an ideal gift is a tedious job, and unfortunately art can make it more difficult. Even though resin art has gained popularity, not everyone knows about it. That’s why we are here! To make your job a little easier and to share 10 reasons why resin art makes a perfect gift.

1. Resin Art is Unique

The free-flowing patterns and intricate designs of resin art make it unique. Every piece is different and stands out. Therefore, the chances are high that the resin art you give as a gift is the only one of its kind in the world. It makes the gift that much more intimate and creates a special connection between you and the receiver.

2. It's Personal

Giving art is personal, because art is a gift of feeling and sentiment. Hunting the best resin art to match the radiance and personality of the giftee shows how much thought you have put into the gift.

It also shows how close you are to them. To understand an individual’s taste in art shows a familiarity with the person. . Giving the gift of art is an expression of appreciation at its purest.

3. A Shared Experience but Distinct Discovery

Art is an experience. It not only shares the emotion and the journey the artist took to make the piece but also shows the effort your loved one put into it.

Even with a shared experience, art is a distinct discovery for each individual. Resin art is currently on the verge of trend setting in a variety of different industries, so there’s no time like the present to give a resin art piece to your loved one and hook them on this lustrous journey.

4. It Spark's Creativity

Art is unspoken freedom. Freedom to interpret your thoughts openly and loudly. People love to figure out art and give their interpretation of it. However, given the time and situation, not everyone might be part of this unspoken freedom.

Your gesture of giving art to your loved ones may be a unique chance for them to get creative and express their artistic thoughts. This is especially true for resin art that has no boundaries or narrow definition.

5. The Growing Resin Art Market and Unseen Possibilities

The boom in the resin art market has drawn the eyes of art lovers and collectors from all around the world. Having resin art in any form might become a great asset down the line.

And, what better way to show your genuine interest in others than investing in their future?

Resin art is gradually making a name for itself in different markets from architecture and furniture to kitchenware and more. Instead of typical plain and boring furniture, our customers love to incorporate resin pieces in their interior design.

The luxurious finish and the glossy shine of resin art in all of our products spice up the surrounding. Even a small set of resin coasters can enhance a tablespace.

6. Resin Art Can Weather a Storm

Resin art wins points when it comes to resistance from external factors. UV light, heat, water, and moisture do not impact resin art. Unlike other paintings, showpieces, or furniture, resin art pieces are easy to maintain and last longer.

Moreover, you do not need to be worried about shipping damage whatsoever. The fibrous nature of resin keeps the art intact. If you are worried about resin art shrinkage, put your worry aside because resin art does not contain cheap fillers, solvents, or non-reactive diluents that  can avoid shrinkage.

7. It's Not Always Expensive

Art might sound like an expensive gift when you are on a budget, but only a few people know that art can be affordable as well. We at Fifth Design offer a wide range of resin gift items from resin wall art to gorgeous resin cheese boards and our best sellers, resin gift boxes.

And, the best part, they are affordable despite being limited pieces. We assure you that our resin artwork will take your gifting game to the next level.

8. They Won't Know How Much You Paid

It is okay to have a discreet price limit for a gift. At the same time, things can get a little awkward if the giftee comes across the price of the present (whether it be expensive or cheap).

Resin art pieces save you in this regard. Since it is a unique piece, the chances are high one cannot find it in the local market rack. The recipient will never know how much you spent on their present.

9. It Won't End Up in the Garbage

The best part of gifting resin art is it will never fall under the clutter category. Even after many years, this one artistic gift can continue to be the centre art piece in the dining room or living room of your loved ones’ home. Moreover, resin art does not get damaged by the environment, and a single wipe with cleaning spray brings the art back to life.

10. It's Something They Might Never Buy Themselves

Even people who love art might prefer a specific type of art, medium, or artist. Resin art is relatively new in the industry, and probably not every art lover has adopted it yet. So, it can be an excellent opportunity for you to introduce them to the beautiful resin art world.

Likewise, if the giftee is not into art, giving a resin gift might be the way to spark their interest in art. Trust us, it's going to be with them forever. Moreover, people usually tend to buy things that they need instead of what they crave. You can spoil them with art.

Final Thoughts

Art isn’t something that everyone buys. For most people, either they are into art or they don’t really know much about it. We, as their friends and family, can use opportunities like anniversaries,  weddings, seasonal holidays, and birthdays to give the gift of art and introduce them to a whole new experience. In fact, you don’t even have to have a special occasion to present them with a resin art piece they’ll cherish – why not simply surprise them!

Art may not sound like a necessity, but we need it in our life. It makes us grounded in downtime and sparks our inner artisan. The durability and luxurious appearance makes resin art a perfect gift. Moreover, its flexible price range makes it convenient and attainable for everyone.

If you are determined to buy resin art to gift to your loved ones, then do check out our resin art products. We offer a wide range of resin art pieces and price ranges to choose from. Similarly, we also offer personalized resin art gifts to suit your needs. Feel free to contact us anytime to learn more about our unique pieces. 

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