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Unique Corporate Gift Ideas To Wow [2021]

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas To Wow [2021]

Published by Lauren O'Meara - Founder of The Fifth Design on 16th Apr 2021

Corporate gifting have become an important part of doing business. They are used to build relationships with prospective clients, to thank important partners, and to welcome new employees. But too often businesses give cheap, branded trinkets as gifts — products that soon end up in the wastebasket. Where are the good corporate gift ideas?

At The Fifth Design, we now offer better alternatives to traditional corporate gifts. In our selection, you’ll find unique corporate gift ideas and corporate gift boxes — branded corporate gifts that will be both well appreciated and highly used

What Makes a Great Corporate Gift?

It’s hard to find the perfect corporate gift these days. If you visit a site that specializes in corporate gifts, you’ll find an endless selection of cheap, gimmicky products that are quickly set aside and forgotten. Your company is likely searching for something that will stick around a little longer — something that’s a little more memorable. The best corporate gift ideas are products that offer:

Value: Few corporate gifts are designed with durability in mind. But modern companies are looking for corporate gifts that deliver real value — products that offer strength and that promise to stand the test of time.

Usability: A quality corporate gift is something the recipient can actually use. If it’s a product that offers usability, that product (and the branding/logo engraved on it) are much more likely to stick around the recipient’s home or office.

Stickiness: The best corporate gifts are sticky — they create an indelible connection between the gift’s recipient and the company whose logo is etched on the gift.

Search for a corporate gift that offers these 3 characteristics, and you’re likely to have a difficult time. Until now, that is. At The Fifth Design, we offer corporate gifts and corporate gift box options that deliver the value, usability and stickiness your business needs.

Discover Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

When you’re looking for interesting, unique corporate gifts in Australia, The Fifth Design delivers. We offer gift options that can be customized with your logo. And, best of all, these corporate gift options offer value, usability and stickiness. Here’s what you can find in our selection:

Resin Cheese Boards:

Our resin cheese boards are available in a number of different styles and colors, and each is made of durable hardwood acacia. Your gift recipients can use them as chopping boards, or for serving antipasto while entertaining.

Gift Boxes:

Take your corporate gift one step further by creating a gift box. Our gift boxes include one of our unique resin cheese boards plus matching coasters. Again, add your corporate logo to reinforce your brand.

What makes these products great as corporate branded gifts? 

They offer a wide range of benefits to the recipient, and they also help you better connect with your prospects, clients and employees. Corporate branded gifts from The Fifth Design are:

Useful: Finally, a corporate gift that the recipient can actually use. As noted above, our resin cheese boards can be used for everyday chopping, and on special occasions for serving.

Versatile: Resin cheese boards and matching coasters are the perfect gift for any occasion. Give them as holiday gifts, use them to mark the closing of an important deal, or use them as welcome gifts to new employees as part of corporate gift boxes.

Durable: Unlike most corporate gifts, our resin cheese boards and matching coasters are designed for durability. Our resin cheese boards are made of hardwood acacia, which is a material that can handle heavy use in the kitchen.

Memorable: Best of all, corporate gifts and corporate gift boxes from The Fifth Design are memorable, and that’s what companies want and need most of all from their corporate gifts. When you really want to connect with a gift’s recipient, skip the traditional corporate gifts, and choose something a little more meaningful.

You may discover even more benefits when you choose our resin cheese boards or gift boxes. Start browsing our selection to find a corporate gift that’s perfect for your business and its target audience.

Looking for Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts?

Corporate social responsibility is an important function in 21st century business. Many companies are looking for eco-friendly corporate gifts to reinforce their values and to simply do the right thing as a participant in the global economy.

The hardwood acacia used to create our resin cheese boards is highly durable, but it’s equally as sustainable. Acacia is a fast-growing wood, which means that the timber used in the creation of our cheese boards is quickly replaced. 

We choose to use hardwood acacia because of its strength and natural beauty — but also because its sustainable nature reinforces our own values and provides our corporate clients with an option to invest in eco-friendly corporate gifts.

Ordering Corporate Gifts in Australia is Easy With The Fifth Design

To make ordering your corporate gifts as simple and affordable as possible, we offer free shipping on all orders within Australia. The Fifth Design team is ready to meet your corporate gift needs, delivering branded products that are just as memorable as they are useful. Get in touch with questions about our selection of corporate gifts in Australia, or start shopping now.

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