Unique Housewarming Gift Presents & Ideas 2021

Unique Housewarming Gift Presents & Ideas 2021

Published by Lauren O'Meara - Founder of The Fifth Design on 14th May 2021

Life is full of moments when you want to help your friends and family celebrate. Moving into a new home is one of those significant moments that call for celebration — which is why so many people seek out the perfect option from among housewarming gift ideas.

But what makes the perfect housewarming gift? It should be something useful, meaningful and memorable. The last thing your friends or family need as they unload and unpack boxes are gifts that will just sit around, taking up space.

Don’t burden your friends or family with a housewarming gift that can’t be put to good use in their new home. Instead, browse the selection of beautiful and personalised housewarming gifts you will find at The Fifth Design. Each product in our selection is handmade and 100% unique, and each of our products also serves as a tool that your friends and family members can use in their homes on a regular basis.

See below for a closer look at the fantastic options you have when searching for housewarming gift ideas in Australia.

Find Unique Housewarming Gifts in Our Selection

When most people show up to congratulate their friends on new homes, they often arrive with champagne or wine in hand — a ribbon tied around the bottle’s neck. And there’s nothing wrong with this, of course. But your friends and family members could likely use a more practical housewarming gift. Giving spirits as tokens of celebration means that your gift will be quickly set aside and forgotten.

You’ll find an entirely different category of housewarming gifts for friends in our selection at The Fifth Design. These gifts will truly make an impression, and your friends and family will appreciate and use them. Best of all, personalisation options mean that you can use these gifts to mark the special occasion and make the housewarming moment that much more memorable. Our selection of unique, personalised gifts includes:

Resin Cheese Boards


Looking for a versatile gift that can be used in myriad ways around a new house? Our resin cheese boards are not only 100% unique and gorgeous, but they can also be used in several different ways by the recipient. Our cheese boards are highly useful during the food preparation process. And their unique beauty also lends them well to use in food serving when your friends and family are entertaining. As an added benefit, any cheese board in our selection can be personalised with a housewarming message, a move-in date, the recipient’s initials, or any other engraving of your choosing.

Gift Boxes

Interested in going big with your housewarming gift? Take the gift of a resin cheese board just a little further by making it part of a housewarming gift box. Our housewarming gift boxes allow you to pair a resin cheese board with a selection of matching coasters. Like our cheese boards, our coasters are unique and handmade — creating a natural beauty that your friends and family will love. Gift boxes are perfect for individuals, and they also work wonderfully as housewarming gifts for couples.

Sure, you can stick with the tried and true housewarming gift of a bottle of wine. But a resin cheese board or gift box from The Fifth Design represent gifts that will remain present, useful and beautiful in the recipient’s home for years to come. Our products give their owners a number of benefits that are difficult to match with other housewarming gift ideas, including:

  • Unique Beauty: No two cheese boards or coasters from The Fifth Design are exactly the same. It’s hard to find housewarming gift ideas that are truly unique — but that’s exactly what we offer.
  • Multiple Styles: While each cheese board and coaster in our selection is unique, we do offer a series of different styles to choose from. Choose the style that best suits your friend or family member who has moved into a new home. We offer monochrome cheese boards, dusty pink cheese boards, blue undertow cheese boards, ocean cheese boards, purple cheese boards, crystal geode cheese boards and more.
  • Long-Term Durability: We use hardwood acacia to create our resin cheese boards. We choose this material in part because of its durability. Cheese boards made from this type of wood can last the recipient a lifetime.
  • Environmental Friendliness: There’s another reason why we use hardwood acacia: sustainability. This type of lumber is fast-growing, which means that it is easily replenished after harvesting. It’s our way of playing a small role in promoting environmental friendliness.
  • Everyday and Special Occasion Use: When you give a resin cheese board or gift box, you’re giving gifts that can be used any time. Cheese boards can be used for food preparation on a day-to-day basis or as serving trays when entertaining. Coasters are similar. They can be used day-to-day to protect surfaces, making them among the most practical housewarming gifts available, as well as on special occasions as part of table settings.

When you’re searching for unique housewarming gift ideas in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and other locations across Australia, The Fifth Design delivers products that can help your gift stand out and convey to the recipient how you feel about them. Make your friends and family members transition into a new home much more memorable when you choose a housewarming gift from The Fifth Design.

The Power of Personalised Housewarming Gifts


Personalisation makes any gift more meaningful. Recipients are more likely to keep and use personalised gifts. Personalisation is the perfect way to mark a special occasion — like a birthday, a wedding, graduation, or the move into a new home. What makes personalised gifts the best gifts on these special occasions? Personalised gifts are more:

  • Memorable: As noted above, a personalised gift is a gift that’s never forgotten. Years later, when your friend or family member uses their cheese board or coasters, they will remember the special occasion on which they received them as a gift.
  • Thoughtful: Any time you personalise a gift, you demonstrate that you put a little extra thought into the purchase. When you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member who has moved into a new home, show them how much you care by personalising a resin cheese board.
  • Unique: We live in a world where retailers offer products that are carbon copies of many others. Even when you look at traditional housewarming gifts and luxury housewarming gifts, there’s nothing unique on the shelves when you visit the stores that sell them. Things are different at The Fifth Design. We create products that are truly unique, giving you the opportunity to gift a cheese board or coaster that is one of a kind.

You naturally want your gifts to hit the perfect note, no matter the occasion. Make sure you’re doing just that when you choose a personalised housewarming gift from among the collection of unique, handmade gift options at The Fifth Design.

Get Free Shipping for Your Housewarming Gift Box

We can’t always be there in person when congratulating a friend or family member on a new home. We often stay in touch with loved ones from afar, which is why you need a source of housewarming gifts that can be quickly, easily and affordably shipped as required.

At The Fifth Design, we offer free shipping on any order inside Australia. We also offer instalment payment plans through Afterpay, which allows you to spread the cost of a housewarming gift or gift box across 4 interest-free payments.

Are you ready to find the perfect option among housewarming gift ideas? It’s ready and waiting for you at The Fifth Design. Start by browsing through the personalised gift options in our selection.

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