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The Fifth Design is a small grassroots business built from the aspiration of making practical and timeless art. We use epoxy resin to create artisanal, unique resin homewares that are sure to be a statement art piece in anyone’s home. The maker and founder, Lauren O’Meara started the business in a quest to ‘bring the art off the walls’ and make it a part of people’s everyday lives.
Here, at The Fifth Design, we bring together the spirit of gift-giving with a pure intention of love and artistic design. Every piece within our collection is handmade in Melbourne, Australia. Bringing the maker directly to the customer. A celebration of local, handmade homewares that exude both artistic expression and sustainable purchasing. A mindful purchase that is sure to make your heart feel full!
Our range began at resin and acrylic abstract artworks and now progresses from resin chopping boards all the way to our statement ocean coffee tables. Through the years we have developed some seriously unique and beautiful resin homewares including resin coasters, resin art trays, resin cheese boards, and the famous ocean art side table. In our journey to produce meaningful homewares, we began to create personalised giftwares sure to surprise and entice the recipient. We are able to laser engrave all of our wood products with personalised messages, quotes, initials, logos and time stamps. They create the perfect present for newlywed couples, new homeowners, anniversary celebrations, closing gifts, or for that special someone’s birthday or Christmas gift.

Over the past 5 years, we have gotten to know our customers very well and we understand that you are either here to find a unique gift for yourself or, more commonly, that jaw-dropping present that truly expresses how much that loved one means to you. We can assure you that all of our products are made with this same love and appreciation for sharing bespoke and beautiful creations with the world and our community. Every piece that you see here has been created in our workshop with a love a passion that never seems to fade, even after many years. We quality check every material that enters our workshop and we triple check every creation that leaves. We have a quality guarantee as well as a customer service email to ensure that your whole shopping experience is as perfect as it can be. Please do feel free to ask us any questions, from your product selection to suggestions about personalized messages or even shipping and return queries, we are here to help! (and we love any excuse to talk about our resin creations)