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Natural Wood Table Vs Resin Table: Which is the best?

Natural Wood Table Vs Resin Table: Which is the best?

Published by Lauren O'Meara - Founder of The Fifth Design on 14th Mar 2021

The rise of resin material might confuse many furniture buyers who tend to go for either classic wood pieces or modern resin wood tops. When it comes to tables, in particular, both resin and wood come with pros and cons.

The lustrous shine and alluring charm of a resin wood table have won the heart of many buyers. Still, questions like, 'Is resin stronger than wood?' or 'Do resin tables scratch easily?' have become common concerns. Keep reading – we'll answer these questions and more so that you can buy with confidence

Pros of Resin Wood Tables:

Built to last

Resin wood tables last longer and have a high degree of simulation and texture that reflects natural wood. As the resin is impervious to ultraviolet light and corrosion-resistant, a resin wood table is far more durable than a wood table. Moreover, they are also scratch and waterproof.

Wide variety of designs and colour

The best thing about resin wood tables is they come in a diverse range of colours and designs. The options are limitless and beyond imagination. You can have an appealing glossy finish and a natural, rich appearance of maple, teak, cherry, say, or oak wood. On the flip side, you can also get that palpable feel of granite or marble or the contemporary look and vibrant color of polypropylene.

Easily maintained

Unlike wood tables, resin wood tables are easy to maintain. Resin doesn't demand expensive varnishes or specific cleaning supplies. A piece of cloth and a small amount of soapy water will do the trick. You can also use any regular glass cleaning liquid (e.g., Colin) to keep the table clean or buff off the surface with furniture polish and a soft rag to make the table look new.


Resin wood tables are very lightweight compared to traditional wooden tables. The weight can vary anywhere between 9kgs to 13kgs, depending on the size of the table. Even with a large table, the resin is lighter than wood, which means resin wood tables can be moved easily and require less labor.

Cons of Resin Wood Tables:

It doesn't compare to the look and feel of natural wood

Even though you can replicate the appearance of different woods with resin wood tables, you cannot match a wooden table's natural design.

Not suitable for every connoisseur

Resin wood tables are not the real deal. Though manufacturers try to mimic the look of natural wood, the fact remains resin is not the same as wood. If you are particular about the look, feel and design of the furniture piece, then a resin wood table might not be suitable for you.

Pros of Natural Wood Tables:


Wooden tables are strong and very durable. A good-quality wooden table can last a lifetime if handled correctly. Each piece is precisely handcrafted with lots of care and attention, which shines through in each piece's overall design.

High quality

Wooden tables are a premium product. From hand-chosen trees to craftsmanship, the lengthy process of cutting, sanding and adding a protective coating of wax, oils, and even stain requires lots of effort. One interesting thing about wooden tables that set them apart from resin tables is their tell-tale creak, which often comes as a warning sign that repair is needed.

Unique wood designs and rare colors

Even tables built from the same tree's wood can result in a different design, pattern, and color. This uniqueness makes wooden tables one-of-a-kind, with some colors being rare. This uniqueness isn't present with resin tables, which are easily replicated with matching colors and patterns.

Adds warmth to surroundings

For decades and beyond, wooden furniture such as tables has served as a representation of social standing and wealth. The warm colors and texture from a high-quality wooden table add a distinct ambiance to a room. The same effect is hard to obtain with a resin wood table. Due to the time it takes to manufacture a wood table, as well as the uniqueness of every piece, it's hard to imagine a wooden table being considered anything but classy wherever you might place it.

Cons of Natural Wood Tables:


Wooden tables are expensive, and depending upon the type of wood and size, the price can exceed a resin table by ten times or more.

High maintenance

Wooden tables take quite a bit of work to maintain. If the wood gets wet, it can cause damage and diminish the table's durability. Wood table finish can easily be damaged or scratched.

Limited designs and colours

Wooden table color palettes are limited in comparison to resin wood tables. You cannot play around with modern or dramatic colors with a wooden table. Moreover, the designs and patterns are also limited. Besides, the wood's color can change with time, making it unattractive or causing it to become mismatched with existing furniture.

Why Choose Resin Over Natural Wood for Your Home or Office?

Resin is more attractive, durable, easy to handle, and lightweight than natural wood. Resin furniture is also more adaptable, as you can use it for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Whilst we maybe slightly bias... we do believe that the combination of both wood and resin in the one beautiful piece of handcrafted furniture is a wonderful celebration of art and natures beauty coming together. We believe both enhance each other and the benefits and beauty of each element when brought together is an absolute show stopped for any home or office

Final Thoughts

Resin tables and wooden tables each have their advantages and disadvantages. We love both of them, but the durability, premium look, and variety of designs and colors that resin wood tables offer have won our favor, especially for events and interior decoration. You not only get an eye-capturing centerpiece for your home, office, or event, but resin also allows you to buy a piece of modern furniture art that will enhance the interior and vibe around it.

Not sure which resin to the right for you? Check out our site or contact us for a one on one consultation. We will be more than glad to suggest the best resin wood table to match your taste.

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