About Us



At The Fifth Design, we offer high-quality, sustainable, handmade products that people can cherish forever. Our cheese boards, serving trays, coasters and other products are designed and created with a focus on sharing and congregating with loved ones. These products can also serve as unique and personalised gifts, empowering individuals, couples and families to commemorate important life events and express their love through thoughtful giving. It is our team’s hope that the products we create will find happy use as centrepieces for friends and loved ones who gather to share good food, good wine and good stories.



We are also proud to offer truly one-of-a-kind products. Too often the housewares marketplace is filled with items that are useful — but uninspired in their design and aesthetics. We take a different approach to creating everyday kitchen and home products. Our artisanal process is rooted in taking art off of walls and giving it an active role in the lives of everyday people. For centuries, art has been revered and allocated to static environments like museums. We find this idea outdated (and frankly boring!). We pour artistic passion and inspiration into creating each of the products you’ll find in our selection, making art something that our customers can bring into their homes and share with others.



Take a look at the products that emerge from our mission to deliver beautiful, handmade products that can play a role in your day-to-day life.