Looking for Personalised Gifts in Australia? Find What You Need at The Fifth Design

Looking for Personalised Gifts in Australia? Find What You Need at The Fifth Design

Published by Lauren O'Meara - Founder of The Fifth Design on 29th Nov 2020

Gifts are a common part of life’s biggest occasions: birthdays, weddings, graduations, baby showers, holidays, retirements, and more. Unfortunately, it’s far too easy for a single gift to blend into a pile of presents, quickly opened and easily forgotten. Which is just one of the many reasons why choosing personalised gifts in Australia is the best way to ensure your gesture is remembered and treasured — forever and always.

What Makes Customized Gifts Special?

Whether you choose to add initials, a full name, or a personalised message to a gift, taking this extra step exponentially increases the recipient’s appreciation. Here are 5 reasons why custom gifts in Australia are better than alternatives:


Many gift givers wait until the last minute to choose the right product. Choosing personalised gifts for men and women in your life helps demonstrate that you approached gift-giving with added thoughtfulness.


When you choose customised gifts for him or her, you’re gifting an item that is 100% unique. No one else will be giving the same present.


Monogrammed gifts in Australia (and otherwise personalised gifts) are more likely to be kept and treasured by their recipients for years to come. In short, they are more memorable.


Engraved gifts and otherwise personalised gifts are perfect for almost any occasion, giving them a higher degree of flexibility.


Thoughtful, personalised presents are the best way to demonstrate your affection for friends, family, and other loved ones. They can help deepen relationships and convey how much the recipient means to the giver.

Find an Array of Personalised Items in Our Selection

At The Fifth Design, we specialize in bringing style, durability and strength to everyday household items. Our products can also be customised, which makes them ideal for giving as gifts to friends and family. Need personalised gift ideas? We offer personalised gifts for her in Australia (and personalised gifts for him in Australia), including:

Personalised Cheese Boards in Australia

Our resin cheese boards can be used for chopping during food preparation or for serving antipasto. 

Personalise your purchase and give a cheese board as a gift to a friend or family member.

Personalised Gifts Boxes in Australia

Whether you’re searching for the perfect housewarming present or something to give for an anniversary or birthday, our gift boxes are ideal for the most important people in your life. Make a gift box that much more memorable (and that much more appreciated) by personalising with a name, initials, or a message.

We believe that personalisation is important enough that we offer it as an additional service with any purchase of a cheese board, chopping board, or serving board. Choose these personalised products when you need personalised birthday gifts, personalised Christmas gifts in Australia, or as gifts for other special occasions.

Get Free Shipping When You Choose the Best Personalised Gifts in Australia

When you choose personalised gifts for her or him from The Fifth Design, you’re choosing quality, strength, sustainability, and beauty — not to mention gifts that convey true meaning from you to your recipient. As an added benefit, enjoy free shipping to all addresses in Australia. Start shopping now if you’re interested in personalised gifts in Melbourne or other communities throughout the country.

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